In this article, you’re going to discover the 3 ways to burn fat faster with each workout, so you can experience the flat and ripped abs that you want.

After years of research, I can guarantee you that 99% of clients that don’t get results from their workouts are not using these techniques. The sad thing is that they’re probably never going to improve, unless they start using what you’re about to discover.

If you want to burn belly fat, understand this first

Most of the clients who approach me want to burn fat, specifically belly fat. If that’s your goal, the first step is to understand this fundamental law :

Calories Absorbed – Calories Burned = Weight Loss OR Gain

This simply means that if you eat or drink more calories than your body burns, you gain weight.If you take in less than than you spend, you lose weight. It’s as simple as that.

One pound of fat contains around 3,500 calories and there’s two ways to burn off that belly fat :

  1. With Diet, which helps you eat or drink less calories.
  2. With Exercise, which helps burn more calories

Today we’re going to focus one the absolute best way to burn the maximum amount of calories in minimum time.

3 essential factors to burn maximum calories in minimum time

I’ve been in this field for over 10 years now and I’ve personally trained over 3,000 different clients. The truth is, if you ask most trainers how to burn maximum calories in minimum time, you’re going to get a bunch of different “tips”: shorter pauses between sets, cardio on an empty stomach, etc

The problem is that none of these “tips” will give you the complete picture of what makes an workout effective.

That’s why I created the F.I.V FactorsTM, which are the only 3 Factors that make a workout effective or not.

Litterally, you can “grade” ANY workout program in the entire world with the F.I.V FactorsTM.

And if your workout check the 3 boxes, you’re going to burn maximum calories in minimum time – Guaranteed.


If you think this sounds complicated, don’t worry because I’ll make it super easy for you. Just keep in mind that even most trainers don’t write exercise programs that maximize these 3 factors… So you’ll definetly be able to burn fat faster than most people.

V for Variety – How many of these 6 movements are in your workouts?

The human body can do 6 Movement Patterns. Be careful, because I’m talking about Movement Patterns and not Exercises.

For Example, “Push” is one of the 6 Movement Patterns. Push-Ups, Decline Push-Ups, Bench Press, Military Press and dozens more are EXERCISES that fit in the “Pushing” Movement Pattern.

Movement #1 – Lift Movement #2 – Squat Movement #3 – Pull
deadliftDeadlift follows a “lifting” motor pattern. squatsEx: Prisonner Squats pullupEx: Pull-ups
Movement #4 – Push Movement #5 – Lunge Movement #6 – Core
Push-Ups Bodyweight Lunges Sit-ups

Note : You can include “Gait” as a 7th Movement Pattern, which is basically sprinting/jogging/walking. I didn’t include it for simplicity. 

Again, for each of these 6 Movement Patterns there’s dozens of exercises, with some better than others. What you need to keep in mind thought is that the more you work on different Movement Patterns in the same workout, the more calories you burn.

Think about it : If my workout includes ALL of these 6 Movement Patterns, I work ALL the muscles on my body. Do you think that’s going to help me burn a ton more calories thant the guy who works only 1-2 Movement Patterns ?

Of course ! This is why you see fat dudes who bench press 300 pounds, and ripped Crossfit athletes that barely bench at all.

Variety, variety, variety. That’s the secret to burning fat fast and getting ripped abs.

I for Intensity – Are you using high resistance ?

In Weightlifting, Intensity means the percentage of effort. For example :

  • If your barbell is so heavy you couldn’t lift it more than once, even to to save your life, you’re lifting at 100% intensity.
  • If you could do it all day long without pause, you’re closer to 0% intensity.

Now, you don’t need to worry about percentages. But keep in mind that a good intensity level for burning fat is if you can’t do more than 20 reps per set or 30s of continuous effort per set.

The big problem with Cardio is that the Intensity level is extremely low, so your muscles and your metabolism are not burning nearly enough calories.

Instead of targeting 1 Movement Pattern at Low Intensity (Like running on a treadmill for 30 mins), you target 6 Movement Patterns at High Intensity… And that’s gonna get you ripped much, much faster.

F for Frequency – What’s your workout speed in reps/h ?

If all of your workouts have High Variety and Intensity, you’re already way ahead of most people. But if you want to really maximize your results, you should also consider your Workout Frequency.

We all know that driving your car at 100MPH means you’d go over 100 Miles of distance in 1 hour. Now imagine that your car is your body, and you calculate your speed in Repetitions / Hour.

A good example of a High Frequency workout is an Accelerated Abs Circuit. My clients can complete 6 exercices back-to-back, take a break and repeat the circuit 3-5 times.

During a workout like that, they’ll complete over 500 reps in a maximum of 20 mins. That’s a Frequency of 1,500 Reps / h. Not bad !

Compare that to a Bodybuilding type of workout, where you take long breaks between sets. On average, if you spend over 40 min working out, and you’ll do around 120 reps.

That’s a frequency of 180 Reps/h, just a fraction of what you’d get with a High Intensity Circuit. That’s why most amateur bodybuilders are fat and bulky when they’re not dieting like crazy and doing 60 mins of cardio per day.

3 Types of Workouts To Avoid If You Want To Burn Belly Fat

Now that you know the 3 F.I.V FactorsTM, let’s use them to review the 3 most popular workouts most people do to burn belly fat and get abs…

Type d’entrainement Frequency Intensity Variety
Cardio: Running, Cycling, Elliptical, Swimming, etc. Good Bad Bad
Bodybuilding and Weightlifting Bad Good Bad
Abs Exercises Bad Good Bad

You can see that each one of these 3 types of workouts has a F.I.V FactorsTM Score of only 1. This means that if you’d need to combine all three of these 3 workout methods to get decent results, but it won’t be anywhere as good if EACH ONE of your workout programs had a F.I.V Score of 3. (Checking all the boxes)

What to do if you want results

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